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Review: The Queen and Beaver Public House, Toronto

There was no better place to watch the 2010 South Africa World Cup Final “Spain VS Holland” match than at Toronto’s favorite British Pub. Ranked by Toronto Life in 2009 as one of the cities best new restaurants, The Queen and Beaver is a double-decker building with two patio spaces full of cutesy British antiques and pure love for delicious British Pub Food and dearest Elizabeth. The Q & B Public House has now become the watering hole for serious sports fans and beer aficionados.

Located at 25 Elm Street (just north of Dundas and east of Bay) my father and I arrived at noon (2 1/2 hours before the FIFA Final would start) to ensure we were able to get decent seats. Once we arrived we were told that the second floor (usually dedicated to all sporting events) was actually at capacity already! We were lucky to find a great table in the main dining room right in front of a Samsung flat screen. We ordered a smoked chicken caesar salad and the Q & B’s famous Hand Chopped Burger and Chips with house smoked bacon and aged cheddar with little gherkins. We ordered several pints of Czech Pilsner over the next few hours. The room slowly filled up and by the time the game was underway the room was a hot, sweaty and intense mash of beer drinkers and screaming footy fans.We soaked up our beers with Chocolate Cake and a slice of Walnut Butter Tart with Whisky Gingerbread Ice Cream.

I was cheering for Sergio Ramos (the most beautiful foot ball player in the history of life) who plays for Spain. The game was full of fouls and ran into over time…but Spain took the Cup much to my glee! Head to the Queen and Beaver for great service, delicious beers and thoughtful pub grub favorites.

#83 restaurant reviewed in Ontario since moving to Toronto in 2010. 

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